Tour de Force 2023: TDF 007 Tour

Event Details

The Tour de Force Charity Cycle 2023 will be taking place from the 1st- 8th of June 2023 from Bari in Southern Italy for our TDF 007 Tour (apologies for the later date as originally advertised).

Because of the challenges this year with flights, we are asking each participant to book their own flights. Ryainair flies from Dublin to Bari on the 1st of June and Bari to Dublin on the 8th of June but of course you may stay longer if you so wish!

We will arrange the transport of your bike and a small bag to and from Italy. 

Your charity fundraising must be over €1,000 and your costs will be €1,250 although this may increase slightly due to inflation. 

Wishing you the best of luck with your fundraising & training efforts and we will see you in beautiful Bari, Italy for the TDF 007 Tour on the 1st of June 2023! 


Event Participants